House-Calls' Crime Prevention*!  
Call us for an appointment!  We will conduct a
comprehensive evaluation of your home.  We
identify potential security risks and provide you
with a rather inexpensive solution.  
education is included at no extra cost!
more here:
*Available in Colorado Springs area, Pueblo, and Denver area. Other areas upon request
WWW.House-calls.US, its employees and agents make no claim that following
any or all of’ recommendations or product solutions
guarantees in any way that your residence,or building is burglary-proof.
Implementation of our common-sense recommendations only improves your
chances that an intruder will find your building unsuitable for break-in.
Rates:  $30.00 per Evaluation (plus $
0.45 per mile/round trip.
Calculate Use 8077 Potomac Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80920 as a start point.
House-Calls                                 Others
Follow on costs:                You decide                                $100.00+     
Evaluation Cost:       $30  (plus trip fee/tax)                        Free?    
See for yourself:
Evaluated points:                  65 +                                          10!!??
Make your home a "hard target" for burglars!  It is a small price to pay
compared to the loss you could suffer.
 Our recommendations make it easier to recover
your precious belongings, should someone still decide to break in.  We also check your
computer for Spyware at no extra cost!                    
Why Crime Prevention?  Click here to find out!
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