The Steinbauer BMWs:
Rick and Rainer's BMW
633 CSi (Igor)
In spite of all the wedging plugs in; Igor keeps dieing.  I did adjust the timing according to
specifications but no luck!  Drive about 8 miles and the car just dies.  Also noticed that the fuel
consumption is extremely high.  Suspecting the O2 Sensor to be the problem?  Before I replaced that
sensor, the old one was not connected and the car ran fine.  No extreme fuel usage either.  I
remember driving up to Denver and back and we had no issues.  Last time I checked, I disconnected
the sensor and drove 12 miles without any issues.  Further test drives are in order.

23 Mar 18:  Disconnected the O2 Sensor and drove Igor around the neighborhood for about 20
miles or so and then he started acting up again.  Got home and he just died.  Did not want to start
anymore even after the engine cooled off.  I checked the fuel and there was still fuel coming through
the line and so I checked for spark and there was none.  No power going to the ignition coil either.  
So I checked the connections to the
resistor ,and the AT Control Unit Plugged it all back in and
checked for power on the
ignition coil and had power.  Started right up and ran ok.  Did not do a test
drive though.

3 Aug 19:  Finally installed the in-tank and in-line fuel pumps and also the wire harness for the tank
and Igor started better.  Drove about 8 miles and Igor started to sputter and died a few times.  Given
a few minutes and he started right up again.  I suspect crud in the tank.  Will see that next time.

17 Aug 19:  Still not so much sold on the crud in the tank, I changed out some of the coolant sensors
(See 7 and 9 in the picture) and the starting up went a lot easier.  Driving
around displayed the same issues as there were before.  I had the O2
Sensor connected and the car still acted up.  After disconnecting there was
no change.  I swapped out the ECU and the car acted normal again.  This
leads me to believe that it is not crud in the tank but more the ECU.  
Returned back to the house to charge the battery.
7 Sep 19:  Bought some fuel system cleaner and added that to a full tank of gas.  Drove around for
about 60 miles and had one small buck.  The rest of the "trip" went uneventful with the exception of
the smell that comes with that cleaner.  Also have a battery drain that I need to investigate as well as
the turn signals that do not want to work anymore.  For now the battery just gets disconnected. Turn
signals?  Not really a big deal since without turn signals you fit right into Colorado Springs.
At the end of the test drive Igor just died on me.  Later I checked and there was no spark.

19 Oct 19;  Hard to believe how time flies since I worked on Igor.  Went to O'Reilley's and got a
distributor cap and a rotor which gave a spark again. From the way it looks there is no fuel.  Both
pumps run but apparently there is not enough to produce enough pressure to run.  Getting ready to
go overseas so I have to see what is going on when I come back.

20 Oct 19:  Apparently someone thought Igor was parked too far back and hit him.  Good thing is
that the perpetrator  was a guest of one of our neighbors which made a "left a note" accident versus
a "hit and run".  Igor was hit hard enough to be pushed forward 6 feet and wheels on the curb even
though my parking brake was engaged.
Left:  Impact pushed
Igor on to the curb!  
Was previously
parked parallel to the
Trunk lid is also bent
Above:  Car was pushed 6 feet forward even
though the parking brake was engaged.  
9 Nov 19  Update:  Igor is not a total loss after the insurance adjuster discovered that the market value us
$6,600 (low).  Checked the fuel lines and discovered that they are all connected right but the in line fuel
pump seems to be the problem.  Have a replacement on order and it will be installed soon.

17 Nov 19.  Installed the fuel pump and Igor runs again.