The Steinbauer BMWs:
Rick and Rainer's BMW
633 CSi (Igor)
17 October 2016:  Changed the fuel filter, tightened the belts, installed the fan, and cleaned out
the trunk.  Does not sound like a lot but it is!  As soon as I get a chance I will change out the fan
mount to the simple screw on.  To tighten the belt for the alternator, you actually have to take the
power steering pump off its mount.  Mounting the power steering pump and tightening the belt
there is a little easier.  Robert helped me to pump out about one gallon of old fuel.  I checked the
spark plugs and they were dry.  I also noticed that the spark with the remote starter seems to be
stronger?  Strange!
22 October 2016: Rick and I got to play today and Igor shortly turned over with starter fluid.  
Now that we have a spark and fuel going to the rail, we found out that the injectors are not
opening!  Rick hooked up each injector to power and also found out that two are stuck.  They
are soaking in seafoam even as I write this.  Will do some research on why injectors do not work
and investigate later.

29 December 2016:  I decided to take all of the injectors out and have them serviced at Witch
Hunter.  Maybe they were all clogged?  Who knows?  Either way that is not a bad thing.  Had
that done on Fritz and Heidi and don't regret that at all!  Was worth its money for sure.

4 February 2017:  The Injectors came back superfast but I did not have the time/desire to put
them in until today.  I wound up cutting a fuel line into short pieces to connect the injectors to the
fuel line.  I had the suspicion that we may not have enough compression since the oil smells a lot
like fuel.  Luck would have it that Rick had a compreession tester along when he stopped by this
afternoon.  Compression was not too bad (135, 145, 110, 145, 135, 140).  Yes #3 is off but that
is OK (I think)

19 February 2017:  New spark plugs have arrived and they are in.  Battery is fully charged and
all we have to do is give it another try.

20 June 2017:  Thought I arrived at the conclusion that we will never finish this car and decided
to sell it,  The car has been registered the entire time so there are no taxes that jump on a
potential buyer.  Here are sime pictures of the interior:
4 July 2017:  Rick and I worked a little on the Toyota Highlander and once we were finished we
thought, heck we have the tools out, let's tinker with Igor.  After cranking here and there and checking
connections, he came to life!!!!  Igor lives!!!  We did not drive it since the brakes and the clutch
needs bleeding but we will drive it soon!

8 July 2017:  Topped off fluids (Coolant, Brake, and Power Steering) and the clutch, brakes started
to work after I bled them.  What else is left but to take a maiden voyage around the neighborhood a
few times.  Gave the car some TLC and it was good!
26 Jul 17 Bought new tires and had them mounted.  Apparently they are too large and they rub if
you try yo make a U-turn on the street in the neighborhood.

12 Aug 17  Bought new shocks and struts but they have to wait since the old ones are still good.

30 Sep 17:  Checked the exhaust pipes the other day since I thought there may be hole rusted
through somewhere.  Turns out there was a missing gasket between the catalytic converter and the
muffler,  Put a gasket in and tightened the bolts down, nice and quiet,  Problem is now that you can
hear the valves clicking, better do a valve job soon,

believe there is none in there,  Tried to take the thermostat housing cover off but the bolts are to
corroded that I think they will break when I try to loosen them before I try again I make sure to have
an entire thermostat housing just in case I don't get the broken bolt out.

14 Oct 17:  Fixed the driver side window which opens and closes now.  Lubricated the tracks to make
sure it stays that way.  Checked to see if there is power to the windshield washer pump but it looked
like there was none.  Requires further checking.  Ordered a new pump.

12 Nov 17:  Igor's first BMW meeting in Denver.  We drove the car about 120 Miles and there were
no problems. Well, still leaking coolant somewhere.

17 Nov 17:  Did something that just increased the riding joy, installed a stereo. Nice way to find out
that the antenna worked,  Even took Igor to town to the SFA Meeting but should have put some
coolant in before I left the house,  Made it to town and had to add water to get back home.  Next on
the list is to tighten all hoses.

16 Dec 17:  Since Igor was having trouble getting started, I took him in the garage and started
working on it.  It got progressively worse and he just died on me when I noticed that the distributor
cap was not in place.  May or may not have been a coincidence.  

30 Dec 17:  I have been working on Igor every now and then and did not get it running.  Car is
getting a spark and I thought there is no fuel.  I checked and there was a very low stream.  The in
line pump had only 8 Volt at the pump and I could not get a reading on the in tank pump.  I decided
to take the pump out and this is what I found.
I installed the extra pump that I had from a 635CSi and it looks like we are getting fuel to the engine
since all the spark plugs were soaking wet  Took them all out and laid them there to dry.  This this
was about 3 hours worth of trouble shooting and the battery was spent, I called it a day.  Will know
more next time I work on Igor.

13 Jan 18:  Still working on getting Igor going.  Changed out the O2 Sensor but still having issues
getting that car going.  Playing around with the spark plug wires since it does say in the book where
exactly the wires go and it's pretty vague.  Found this picture on
First Fives.  The fact that the puls
wire that goes from the distributor to the ECU was severed does not helpmuch either.
Old versus new!  Hard
to believe how those
O2 sensors are
installed and
connected!  Those
wires are awefully
close to the exhaust
The firing order is
understood.  Indicated
everywhere in any
manual and the valve
cover.  But where to
15 Jan 18:  The plan is to tackle and fix the green wire coming out of the distributor that was
pinched between the exhaust manifold and the exhaust pipe!
 Bummer since those wires are very
hard to come by.  The last time I tried the engine caught/fired a few times!  Getting closer!

17 Jan 18:  Today's plan was to go to O'Reilly and rent (for free) a fuel pressure test kit.  Rick beat
me to it since he had a slow afternoon he brought his Fuel Pressure Test kit and checked the
pressure.  My guess is that since all possibilities by the book were exhausted, Rick checked where
the TDC is and took it from there.  Now I have no idea why the car was running before but it did and
now it does again.  The RPM is still higher than it should but tomorrow is another day.

24 Jan 18:  Took Igor for a spin and he kept dieing on me.  Robert towed me home and started
investigating.  Looked like the wiring to the in tank fuel pump were blank since the insulation broke
off.  Put some electrical tape around it.  The return line's rubber was so bridle that it disintegrated.
While Iwas there, I replaced the hose.