The Steinbauer BMWs:
Rick and Rainer's BMW
633 CSi (Igor)
6 July 2013:  Rick came down to work on "I" with me.  As we worked on this car we realized that it is a
1981 with a 1979 engine with all sorts of other parts added.  That is when we thought that, if our car
naming would be at the letter "F" we would name the car "Frankenstein".  Since we are at the letter "I"
we agreed on "Igor".  Now that Igor has a name, we accomplished the following:

a valve adjustment
put the valve cover on
installed the power steering pump
installed the alternator
finished the intake

We noticed that the thermostat housing was just sitting on top and was not tightened down and the
gasket was missing.  It started to rain and we thought that this was a good stopping point.
04 October 2014:  The puzzle continues and I put more parts together.  The cooling system is
practically intact except the upper radiator hose could use some replacement.  Both of the air intake
hoses are shot and need to be replaced.  Rick has the belts at bis house and I know they go in as
soon as I have them.
12 April 2015:  Rick was here and we did some more work on Igor.  We connected the slave cylinder
and filled the brake reservoir.  Connected some water hoses and we decided that we are going to order
new belts before we install belts.  The old ones looked very worn and we would be driving on borrowed
time.  Next big goal is getting a battery for Igor and we are almost there.  Granted there are a few other
things that require some attention but nothing we could not handle.

11 July 2015:  Connected and tightened the water hoses.  Sorted out the electrical cables and
connected them.  Installed the belts but was not able to tighten the fan belt as tight as I wanted to since I
needed a third arm for this.  Next should be installing the battery, adding gas, and install the fan.

12 July 2015:  After going to Upull with Rick, we decided to work a little more on Igor.  We added coolant
to discover that we have a leak.  We also connected the battery to see where we are with the power and
if Igor would start.  Did not start due to no spark.  There seems very little to no power at the ignition coil.  
We will investigate next time.  The engine turns over well and old gas smells horrible.  

25 July 2015:  Did some serious investigating and found a nipple right above the starter.  Looked online
and found out that there is supposed to be a coolant hose connected to it.  I may take a peek tomorrow
and see where it goes.
01 August 2015:  Luck would have it that I found the other connection right under the throttle body.  In
the process I found another connection that looks like there needs to be a hose of some sorts/
6 September 2015:  Still in search for a spark.  Turns out that the rotor is broken.  I am going to replace
the distributor cap and obviously the rotor.

I also changed out the trunk lock and now we have the one that works with Igor's key again.

10 October 2015:  Obviously it was not the distributor and the rotor.  Now I have to carefully study the
electrical diagram for Igor since I am completely on my own now.  I tried the remote start (Bridging
terminals 11 and 14) and that did not work,  That is another indicator that something with the electric is
not right.  But what is it?

21 March 2016:  My friend Stan brought all his mechanic goodies so we could try to pin down the "no
spark problem.  Turns out that there was a green wire that was supposed to be connected to the
distributor cap was missing.  Upon further investigation we found out that the green gable was stuck
between the exhaust manifold and the engine block. Had to open the nuts to get that cable out.  My
suspicion was also confirmed that the crank position sensor was not exactly where it should have been
due to the fact that the mounting bracket was not there.  Stan saw that and I did not.  Went to the Upull
and got one.  There is a pulse but no spark!  More detailed investigating is in order.  Did not get it
running but we are closer!

Maybe it is the ignition coil?  On order!

24 September 2016:  Decided it was about time to check all connections over again along with all the
fuses.  Fuses checked out OK.  Installed the new ignition coil and double checked the spark plug wires
again with all connections but still no spark.  Checked the green wire by the distributor cap and even
though it was wedged in the exhaust manifold and flat, it still carried current.  I may have to splice a piece
in that is not flat but here is the kicker!  I installed my remote starter and kept on holding a spark plug to
the engine block.  Every now and so often I did see a spark, very faint though.  I suspected the wire
going from the coil to the distributor cap but was not able to see if there is a break somewhere.  Now I
took the cable and held the one end to the engine block while the other end came out of the coil.  Voila!  
I got a very good, strong spark!!!!  But why was there nothing going to the spark plugs one might ask?  I
know I bought a new cap and a new rotor.  Don't know why but I put the new rotor into the cap that I took
off and noticed that the gap between the rotor end and the points was way to big!  Compared the rotors
and sure enough, the new one is a lot shorter even with the metal piece broken off!  Have to order a
rotor that actually fits!  Darn O'Reileys!
Here is the problem!  The rotor on the left is the original one whereas the one on the
right is the one I bought at O'Reileys.  Even with the metal piece of the old one broken
off, it is still longer than the new one.  Sparks do fly but not that far!
16 October 2016:  The new distributor rotor arrived.  Rick and I put it in and cranked the engine!  We do
have a spark at the spark plug and it is actually a very strong one!

Next step is to buy a new fuel filter and install that one after all the old gas is drained. We'll add fresh fuel
and see where that takes us then!