The Steinbauer BMWs:
Rick and Rainer's BMW
633 CSi (Igor)
Here is "I" without the engine.  Rick is in the process of rebuilding it.

Since this picture, a few things have happened.  Kris went down to Tulsa and towed that car
all the way to Colorado Springs and, a couple of weeks later Rick moved back to Colorado.  
Now "I" has been sitting in front of our house since.  One day I cleaned the bumpers on Fritz
and took the Aluminum cleaner and wrote the word "Look" into the oxidized paint.  Of course
we did not want to keep it this way and cleaned the trunk lid.  To do a "before and after" shot I
cleaned half of the hood.  A couple of weeks later then Bob and I did the rest.
30 March 2013:  Worked on the engine for a few hours and installed the radiator.  Figured out how the
gas pedal gets connected and found out that the actual pedal is lose and needs to be installed.  
Installed the power steering pump bracket and pump.  Have yet to figure out how to install the
alternator.  Exciting was to see the timing mark on the flywheel!  Looking forward adjusting the timing
since I haven't done that since I had my VW Passat.
29 June 2013:  Took on the trunk lock that would not open anymore.  First I drilled to the left and to the
right of the lock cylinder and I was able to pull the lock out without destroying the cylinder.
Here is the cylinder after
I took it out.  I did not
install it in the new lock
holder since I think that
it may gets stuck again
Also checked on the valve cover gasket again and found out that it does not fit that valve
cover.  Good thing is that I pulled off the part number and I'll find out what gasket we
need.  Yes, we did think about a "Liquid Gasket" but who wants to do that?
As I was adjusting the trunk lid from "Gertrude" I discovered that it actually got bent when Rick
was rear ended with "Gertrude" in Oklahoma.  Not too bad though, still better than that horrid
spoiler that was on originally.