Steinbauer Project!
The BMW 330Xi
26 Feb 2003 Niko rolled off the assembly line in Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany.

No idea what happened between then and now.  Actually, somewhere in this time someone changed Niko from
Automatic to Standard Transmission.  Good thing!  Otherwise I would not have bought Niko.  Here is the original
16 May 2019:  Ownership of Niko changed over to the Steinbauers
Here is the change I got when I
cleaned Niko inside and out.  The
change was $4.63.  Below is what Niko
looked like after a bath!  She needed
one for sure.  First fill up revealed
23Mpg which is not bad at all!
1 June 19:  First order of business is adjusting the parking brakes.  Desperately needed since the car still rolls
when the parking brake is pulled.

20 July 19:  Actually did the parking brake adjustment and it was not as easy as it looked in the video!  Once I
figured out what to look for it was a little easier.

Jul 2019:  Had an alignment done and bought new tires,  Including an oil change so nothing out of the
ordinary, just maintenance.

Jul 2020:  Started to get vibrations at higher speed and blamed it on the output shafts in front.  Bought some
replacements since I knew that the CV boots were busted when I bought the car.  What I did not know was how
long and how dry those CV joints may be.  Those output shafts have been sitting around in the Garage for
some time.  Last weekend, 24 October I felt the strong urge to do that task.  So I got started and Rick showed
up to help.  As he laid under the car, he told me I needed new tires.  When I looked at the rear tires, I realized
why he said that (see pics)
Yikes!  This is what can happen
when you hit a pot hole and the
alignment gets out of whack!  
Good thing we were able to take
care of this.  Both pictures are the
same wheel from the passenger
rear.  Some people asked me why
I did not see this.  You tell me, this
is sort of subtle, isn't it?
28 Oct 20:  Had an alignment done at 169700 Miles.  New tires are on order and I'll make it a point to rotate
them more often in the future.

Nov 20:  Front differential died and needed to be replaced.

20 Mar 21:  Did an oil and air filter change at 173,000