How to deal with the fungus among us
This helpful hint and other gardening tips can be found in Jerry Baker's "The
Impatient Gardener".  A book that is worth it's money!
Here we have what appears to
be a dry spot.  Further
checking with a probe
revealed that this spot is
actually receiving water!  What
we have here is
What I did in a case like this:  Took a Hose end sprayer filled with dish washing soap.  The cheaper
the better.  Don't worry, dish washing soap will not hurt your lawn.  On the contrary, it will help loosen
up the soil and also get rid of bugs in a natural way that will not hurt your pets.  We still have our
rabbit running around in the backyard without any fleas or ticks.

Spray your lawn and mostly the infected areas with the largest setting on the sprayer.  Work up a
good lather and don't water for a few days (if you water the soap that is fighting the fungus will be
washed away.
This is what it will look like after a week
or so.  Your grass is coming back!  
You may have to spray a second or
third time but it is worth it.  Even
though it'll sound like I have stock in
the Dollar store; that is where I buy the
cheap dish washing soap.
Repeat that treatment every three to
four weeks and your lawn will
appreciate it.

If you really want to treat your lawn to
something special get the book (no I
do not make money of this) and check
out the Spring and Fall Tonic recipe.  

If you have any more questions or
concerns feel free to contact