This video is one way to get cheap gas.  However, it is not recommended to actually do that....

There is all sorts of stuff circulating around the Internet and it gets passed on.  If you never
pass anything on please reconsider this!
There are other ways to get gas cheap (not to be confused with getting gas to get cheaper by
getting the prices to drop).  I firmly believe that the prices, no matter what we do will never drop
as long as we depend on the thieves from the middle east.  As long as we depend on them
they have the luxury of dictating the prices!
Oh yes, I know that usually the prices get set by supply and demand but in this case this
theory is useless.  Why?  Even if we use less, they are just going to raise the price to meet
their desired profit!  It is that simple!

Even though there appears that relief is coming in the
Bakken Oil Fields of North Dakota,
South Dakota, and Montana it is not going to happen anytime soon. Especially not with
Obama in power.

In the meantime there are certain steps we can take to ease the burden at the gas pumps:
1.  Not that I am advertising but if you get a Shell Credit Card they give you 5% off each time
you fuel up.  At the same time, Shell gas really does improve your gas mileage!
2.  Get rid of that big SUV (Suddenly Useless Vehicle) and get a smaller, more economical
car.  Especially if you are just driving around town.
3.  Get a front end alignment and have your tires balanced on a regular bases.  This will
improve your gas mileage!
4.  Get synthetic oil at your next oil change.  Your engine will run better and the interval
between oil changes are  longer.
5.  Recycle the old oil!  If you do your oil change yourself drop it off at a solid waste
management site (Colorado Springs click
here )  Why, you may ask.  One gallon of used
motor oil will produce 2,5 quarts of usable motor oil instead of 42 Gallons of crude oil.  More
6, Tune ups!  Make sure your engine is adjusted right and also change your air filter
7.  Reevaluate your driving habits.  If you see a red light coming up, take the foot of the gas
and coast!  There is no point in rushing up to the red light just to sit there and stare at it
(happens a lot in Colorado).
Stop "creeping" forward at the red lights!  This is not a race and there is no need in moving a
couple of feet forward!  Keep in mind that each time a vehicle gets moved by engine power,
you need gas to do that!  In other words, stop for the red light and stay there until the light
turns green again.
8.  One thing I do in the summer is slightly over inflate my tires by 3-4 PSI which makes the car
roll a little easier.  For the winter I recommend the under inflate for better traction though.
9.  Get the gas where it is cheaper!  Here is a link where you can type in your Zip and find out
where you can fuel up cheaper (Click
10.  Last but not least; turn off the engine when you are waiting for someone!  Turn off the
engine when you run into a store!  When you get started in the morning, turn on the engine
and go!  Granted, there are cars that need the "warm up" but check the owner's manual to see
if your car is one of them.
Hope that will ease the burden.  If you have something that will save gas please let me know
and send an email
Thanks and happy motoring!

Here is SUPPOSEDLY another way (
click here)  Disclaimer:  This company is a scam!!!!  If
you just go and fuel up with Shell Gasoline and put Synthetic Oil instead of regular
motor oil, you achive the same effect.  They also promise you that they will give you 4
coupons for $25 each but that does not happen either.  When you call them and ask
about it they claim that they are backed up.  The truth is that the average person just
gives up after a while and hence, they win.  DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!  IT IS A
Saving Gas yet?
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