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Why Crime Prevention?
is capable of doing themselves.  House-Calls.US does not make any installations since we do make our
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your needs not ours.  However, we do provide  guidance if so desired.

The Advertisement that prompted this business was the one where the woman is watching a movie with her
children.  As the movie is over and she is walking to the TV to change the movie she sees an intruder with a
crowbar who then proceeds to smash her window.  The alarm system the woman has went off. The woman
runs panic stricken upstairs with her children.  Once she arrives upstairs her telephone rings.  She answers
the phone and the caller announces: "This is X Security, your alarm just went off.  Is everything alright?".  
The woman answers:"no, there is an intruder in the house!".  The man replies: "we will notify the authorities".

The average citizen pays $100 on the average for a service like that!!.  There are a few points I would like
you to think about:

1.  A burglary very seldom occurs when you are at home!
2.  Once an alarm system (should it be armed when you are at home) goes off the intruder most
likely flees the scene.
3.  The woman could have dialed 911 herself.  In most states the dispatcher sends an Ambulance,
a fire truck, and the Police.  There is no big explanation required on the phone.  The dispatcher
appreciates any additional information such as the nature of the emergency and the location.
4.  The telephone conversation with the dispatcher from the alarm company took just as long as a
conversation with the 911 dispatcher could have taken.  Also, the alarm company dispatcher calls
911 anyway!  So why not cut out the middle man who wastes time?

I could go on and on!  So why don't you give me a call and I let you know how much safer and secure your
residence could be at a much lower cost?

Another benefit of a security evaluation is when you sell your home!  It sure adds to the value of a home and
you may qualify for a insurance discount!

Email to make an appointment  or for more information!

We look forward hearing from you!

The House-Calls Team
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your house... all the little colored boxes are registered Sex Offenders... click
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