Steinbauer Project!
The BMW 635 CSI
11 November 2011:  At 230,000 Miles:  Adjusted the valves and did an oil change.  Checked all belts, hoses,
and tires.
27 January 2012: At 232,000 Miles:  Rotated the tires and checked the tread.  Still good!

18 February 2012:  Had a BMW Meeting in Monument, CO.
20 February 2012:  Replaced the valve cover gasket.  Thought I had some small leaks there.

4 May 2012:  At 235,080 I changed the oil, oil filter, and air filter.  Put some 15W40 in and the car runs a lot

24 May 2012:  Did a lot of preparation for Fritz's face lift.  I also managed to finally connect the exhaust
flange.  Never thought that I would be able to do that since Eastern Catalytic Converter messed up the
connection. With a little help from my car jack, I was able to push the pipes up a little and with a lot of patience
screw it on.  Looks like we got a tight fit now.  Tomorrow I work on Fritz's face lift.
Before                                                          During                                                      After
5 July 2012:  Since I finally managed to collect the some used fog lights (One from California and one from
Germany) I decided to put them in.  Of course the plugs were different and I had to switch them out.  Put some
heat shrink hose around the place where I spliced the wire and sealed that off.  Had to wait until I got dark to
take a test drive and saw that it certainly would be a great addition to the driving experience even though it was
not foggy (Please, when do we ever get fog in Colorado?).

7 July 2012:  Still a nice sunny day and just washed Fritz!  What a photo opportunity!
31 August 2012:  After driving around for the entire summer, it was time to do some checking under the
car.  I discovered that one of the CV boots on the passenger side output shafts was torn.  Replaced that
in a relatively short time since there were no complications.  Love it when that happens.

2 September 2012:  Packed up the extra fuel injectors to send them for an over haul at Witch Hunter
since Josh reported a great Mpg from Heidi after the injectors have been done last year.

changed a bit.  Guess we have the car at the perfect setting.  Developed some cut outs while driving but
that was not the first time.

23 September 2012:  Fritz would not start!  At first I thought he does not like to be parked in the drive
way and tried the street but no luck there either.  I suspected the ignition coil and swapped that out in
the afternoon.  Started right up and I thought the problem was solved (so I thought).  Took the car for a
spin in the afternoon and did not have any problems.  Even parked in the drive way again and did not
have any problems starting the car later.  Parked the car on the street since we have a car dolly in the
garage in preparation to get
Rick's 633 up from Tulsa with his move back to Colorado.

24 September 2012:  Got in the car and it started right up and died after I put the seatbelt on.  Tried a
few times and finally got it going.  Got around the corner and the car died on me.  Could not start it up
again so I was left with the option to take the X5 to work.  Strange to drive an automatic for a change.

That night I swapped out the fuel pump and while I was down there I also put in a new fuel filter.  That
seems to have taken care of the problem.  Drove to work all week and did not have any issues.  On Sep
29 we have a BMW drive and this will put it to the test.

29 September 2012:  Had the BMW Meet in Morrison followed by a
drive to Rollinsville where we ate.
8 October 2012:  Thought I had to readjust the driver side window since it did not close right anymore.  Turns out
that 2 bolts which hold the motor came out and the third one was lose.  Put everything back together and tightened
those bolts down real well.  Also started to fix the front spoiler since I tore that one up testing the trailer for Rick's "I".