Steinbauer Project!
The BMW 635 CSI
13 August 2011:  225,000 Miles Finally changed the tires and wheels on Fritz.  I got so tired of the
shaking steering wheel.  I made the mistake and took the car to Discount tires to have the tires
balanced.  Turns out, because of the camber on that car I used up the tread on the rear wheels' inside
and when they took the wights off the wheels to balance they were not able to get the tires balanced
again.  So I looked for a good set of used tires in which I also bought some rims that came with the
tires.  The reason why I bought used tires is that I do not want to invest in new tires as long as the
camber issue is not resolved.

25 August 2011:  Put the new Gabriel shock absorbers I ordered from Autozone in last week and
today I put the new PEX Pitman Arms (
Part 12) from Autohaus AZ in to improve the ride comfort.  
Unfortunately the output shafts are so used to the old shocks that they run awkward now and at low
speeds it feels like I am running over a wash board.  At higher speeds the spoiler presses the car down
and all is fine.  Don't think the Police is interested in my ride comfort though.

26 August 2011:  The OBC lights were replaced since I burned them out while I installed the
"Alzheimer Radio".
1 September 2001:  Since I bought the KMC Camber adjustment set and
Rick offered to install, Bob and I went to Tulsa where we got access to Rick's
work.  It is so much nicer than doing things in the garage at home. The lift
and the press sure helped.
02 September 2011:  Robert and I got into Fritz and started down to
Tulsa.  About 100 Miles into the trip a bird became suicidal and flew right
into my path.  
As soon as we arrived in Tulsa, Rick took Fritz and put him up on the Lift
and took the wheels off and did an inspection.
Here is the
KMC Set.  It
came with an
extraction tool
which was so
Here are the old
bushings that
needed to come
Rick disconnecting
the brake lines
since the trailer
arm needed to
come out
Left trailer arm
Fitting the new
bushings in.  
They slipped
right in and we
did not need
the press
Getting the left trailer arm back
together to fit it back into the rear axle.
Due to the fact that we had such a hard time with the bushings coming out and trying to get the
new bushings in, that was all that we were able to do.  Rick did a front and rear alignment.  
BMWs are not designed to have a rear wheel alignment but thanks to the modification we did it
is possible now!  Thanks Rick!  Rick also adjusted my headlights and now I am able to see
better when I drive at night.
05 September 2011 at 07:40 A.M. in
the Parking Lot of BMW Tulsa and
ready to go and hit the road.
Here is a view of the bushings installed on the left side trailer arm:
Here is the right side
14 October 2011, I replaced the Drive Shaft Bearing since the support was all broken.  The bearing that
was in lasted 18 Month/24,000 Miles.  New, a bearing is $25 from Autohaus Arizona.  BMW charges
$200 for it and gives a 2 year warranty.  I decided to go with the $25.
Below is the remains of the old bearing