23 January 2014:  Went up to Aurora to get Heidi down to the Springs.  She still runs nice but very loud.  The
catalytic converter likes to separate from the exhaust flange.  No big deal if you tighten the bolts again.  
Apparently, if you don't it messes up the gaskets and even if you tighten, it still blows.  Mr. Redneck could not
be bothered to fix that problem even though those gaskets are available at many Auto Parts Stores.  As a
matter of fact, they have so many of them, they even sell them!  While I had the car in my garage I looked over
it and this is what I found.
This is what a Redneck does when he gets tired of the warning light on the check
panel informing you that you are out of windshield washer Fluid  Looks like it never
occurred to him that  he could figure out if that windshield washer reservoir is
leaking or what the problem may be.
Here is how a Redneck installs a ignition coil.  Could not possibly use the holder
that came with the original coil.  Lord knows what he did with that.  Don't ask why
he had to get an ignition coil that does not fit in the holder and the spark plug wire
does not stay in right.
All sorts of things that this car would need but Mr. Redneck needs his music!  He
installed this gadget and in the process, messed up the power locks.  The car still
does not play music.  Well done Mr. Redneck, well done!  Of course he could not
be bothered getting a stock antenna replacement insert.  We are minus the power
locks now even though I replaced the fuses.
The exhaust pipes came up short so I installed extensions.  For some strange
reason, Mr. Redneck did not agree with that and took them off.
Sunroof liner!  So what do you do if that liner comes undone?  Put it back up and
fix it?  Oh no, not in Mr. Redneck's world!  You take it off!  Never mind that it is a
pain in the neck to order a replacement and put that back up!  Glad the man is not
a surgeon and someone comes with a half cut off finger!  He'd just rip it off!
Under this cover, that is broken now is the relay for the sunroof.  As you all must
know, the sunroof was very important to Mr. Redneck!  Nothing else, aside from
the music matters but the sunroof!
And this is all that is left from a complete tool kit!  A $360 value of genuine BMW
tools!  A collector's item.  Well, not to Mr. Redneck!  It is just tools and you can buy
them at the Dollar Store, right?
The trunk had a complete carpet set inside.  Mr. Redneck had no idea where it
went.  Maybe a bad guy broke into the car and stole it?  Possibly in a Redneck  
world.  Truth in the matter is, Mr. Redneck drilled numerous holes in the trunk lid
when he "installed" the "spoiler" and did not seal a hole.  Even though not much
but it does rain in Colorado.  No need to elaborate on this, is there?
This is the way Mr. Redneck reinstalled the heat shield.  It is supposed to be
mounted with 3 screws and 3 nuts.  All that was there was 1 nut.
Transmission support is supposed to be mounted with 4 nuts and bolts.  Mr.
Redneck knows better and showed BMW that it can be done with 50% less!
One of these is not like the other!  Mr. Redneck was under the impression that he
needed to swap out the shock towers.  Usually I do not oppose used parts but
when you go through all that work you may want to consider new?  Also, when you
break a bolt (like here in this picture) you fix it and tighten it up.  Again, BMW had it
I already took out the floor mats but you can still see the dirt and the dog hair.  
This is how Mr. Redneck takes care of something that has not and never will be his.
not for a weak stomach!