Steinbauer Project!
Mike's BMW 633 CSi
16 September  2013:  Current status of Heidi:  - It has been a year since Josh expressed the desire to buy
Heidi and we really did not get anywhere. Josh let us know that he is planning on moving back to Michigan,
and thought that Rick would drive Heidi out there for him once the car is paid off.  I decided that I'll take Heidi
back and work on her myself instead.  It would be a while though and Rick offered to store Heidi, as a spare
car at his place.  Rick also offered to swap out the transmission when he has some spare time.  Last night we
were talking about Heidi and I mentioned that I would change out the head gasket but Rick had checked Heidi
and did not see a need to do that.
15 October 2013:  When I was at Rick's the other day, I got to take a better look at Heidi and was glad that I
repossessed her!  Holy cow!  Rick took the "spoiler" off while I was there and I almost fainted!  I was sweating
like crazy when I installed a spoiler on my car to make sure I drilled the holes right.  At the same time I made
sure I sealed everything so I would not get water in the trunk.  Below is a picture of what it looks like when you
let someone have a car without getting the money first!
Disgusting, just plain and simple
Since I got laid off, I can't really afford to have all these projects around.  So I decided to put Heidi up for sale.

Bottom line, this car is a project car that my youngest son and I started. It runs but still needs a lot of work. It
was in better shape until some redneck ape said he would buy it and me being dumb enough to agree to
accept payments. After one year the car was going downhill and I had to repossess it. I got laid off and just
don't have the money to care for the car. The bad:
Transmission is bad. It may just be the shifter plate that it lose. On third gear you have to double clutch.
Problem is also that Redneck Ape tried to change the transmission and messed up the torx, (I bought a
replacement transmission)
paint (the clear coat is coming off)
The interior is currently two tone with almost all parts available to go either back to black or go pearl beige.
There are holes in the trunk lid that the potential buyer drilled when he "installed" a spoiler.
I am putting this car up with a heavy heart but the price is firm. Please feel free to contact me if you have any
questions. The car has no rust and is really a diamond in the rough. The car is currently in Aurora but I plan on
moving it down to Colorado Springs before the end of the year. More of the history of this car and pictures

The car has a winter tires on it that could go through another season. I do not want the car to be parted out,
the body is in too good of a condition. Please, no inquires from professional wreckers who want to part that car
out. The other good thing is that the car has no rust. It is first come first serve. Since I have all this extra time I
did some cleaning and decided to throw in the rims that I had on my car (see picture)

12 December 2012:  Robert and I went up to Aurora and fixed Heidi up a bit.