Steinbauer Project!
Mike's BMW 633 CSi
19 November 2011:  Current status of Heidi:  - Took the dash board out and I am going to restore
- Turns out that the clonking noise is actually the rear brake
calibers that get stuck and cause that noise when they release

- The line to the heater core is still busted.

- The HVAC Panel is in desperate need of repair
24 May 2012:  Took the heater core out.  I have been working on and off on "Heidi" to get that done.  As you
can see below, it is a mess times three!  Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls this is what it looks like
under a dashboard in a BMW.  There you can also see what it looks like when the AC unit and the heater
core are removed.  Next I'll have to study the wireing diagram to make sure all the connections are correct.
After making sure that all the wires are connected right, I have to go and put this mess back together.  
Looks like fun, doesn't it?
23 June 2012:  Alright! Today was the day when I actually did a lot of work on Heidi. It certainly annoyed
the crap out of me that the PO installed a button to start the car. So I started looking for the problem that
may have caused all that. All the wires and then some more looked like they are in place. Turns out that the
connector on top of the starter was lose. I put a new connector on and that was not the sole problem. I had
an extra ignition switch from a 85 E24 handy and hooked that one up, turned the key, and voila! It started!
Well, I had to jump start even though I had the battery with a solar trickle charger sitting on the back seat
(That was a very bad idea since the battery melted a hole in the back seat!).

So now the challenge was on to keep the lock and swap out the parts for the entire setup. Found a relay
that was hidden in the steering column and I found out that the relay must have been the cause for the PO
to put a wire directly from the battery to the push button and then to the starter.

Positive side effect is now that the injectors and fuel pumps are no longer running constantly. The car also
runs very smooth, seems to have more power, and the fuel smell at the exhaust is gone too. No idea how
that worked out but I am happy with the results!

5 July 2012:  Today I reinstalled the thermostat.  I took it out before since I thought it was stuck.  I tested it
and it opens at 85 Degrees Celsius, just as it should.  At the same time I added Radiator Flush to the
system and will replace that with coolant.

I also got the windshield washer system going again.  The lines suffered burns from the small engine fire we
had last year.  In the process I broke the small pump for the concentrated washer fluid when I tried to
remove the old hose.

Inspected the brakes and discovered that there was something stuck in the front and that was where the
scraping noise came from.  Fixed that one as well.

I decided to go with a
dash cap since apparently fixing the cracks in the dash board with JB Weld does not
work.  It'll crack again.  It does help to read the Big Coupe forum and follow the entries to the subject.  The
pictures that the guy posted looked nice but now he reports that it'll crack again.

I also replaced the back seat.  It is great to have some extra parts in the house.

6 July 2012:  Changed the transmission fluid,  fixed up the tail lights (they are a lot brighter now since I
resprayed the silver coating inside), and installed the keyless entry.

28 July 2012:  Installed the Dash Cap and the Dash Board along with the Instrument cluster.  Flushed out
the cooling system and added coolant along with "Water Wetter".  Heidi is trucking now.

19 August 2012:  Looks like Heidi is changing ownership.  Josh is borrowing Heidi with the option to buy.  
We'll see.  So far he changed out the alternator and refastened the shifter plate that I previously fastened
and lost a bolt.  Josh also plans on changing either the bushings or the complete upper control arms since
that is apparently what causes the clunking noise when braking.

April 2013:  Josh has been driving Heidi around quiet a bit and fixed the clonking noise.  In the meantime, I
keep looking at Craigslist for special 6er deals and found the ad below:
So I contacted Nathan and told him that we had Heidi.  He was very enthused and offered to
buy Heidi.  We named the price and what still needs to be done and he replied:

"I want to bring her home one of these days, but something tells me that the time for that just
isn't now."  Well, Josh and I agreed that the time was "now" or never.  Guess it will be never
then unless Nathan is going to pay a substantial amount of money and we just don't see that