Steinbauer Project!
The BMW 635 CSI
25 September 2010:  Investigated a clanging noise that came from the right rear
shock.  Turns out that the top rubber bushing (
Part 4) broke and the car was just
riding on the spring.  Replaced that rubber bushing and it sounded better.

02 October 2010:  It was time to take care of the starting problem Fritz developed.
The car would crank but not start immediately.  Had to crank a few times before it
would finally start.  Took off the Air Flow Meter and washed it out with carburetor
cleaner.  Also changed the spark plugs and the fuel pump. Sure runs a lot better
now!  In the process I noticed that the spring on the rear shock has taken a hit and
it seems to be broken and I have to replace that next week.
Had to replace the brake pressure accumulator (
also known as Brake Bomb) which
is hooked up to all sorts of lines and
stuff . and it is a real PITA to get that whole
thing out and back in!  Took me while but I got it done. Can actually step on the
brake and stop!  Before it felt like I stepped on a brick.  The last time I replaced
that part was 18 month ago and I took a used part from victim.  I replaced all the
fluids and all is well now!  The day is done!

17 October 2010 Another drive with the BMW Enthusiasts from Colorado
Springs.  We met for Breakfast at the Omelet Parlor on Fillmor Street.  Then we
took off to meet with the Denver folks in Castle Rock.  Then we went down
Wolfensberger Rd to Route 105 South, to Hwy 105, to I-25, to  Hwy 24 West, and
finally to Hwy 67 to Cripple Creek.
Here comes the fun! The subframe bushings  need to be replaced since they
already to have a 1 inch vertical play.  Here I have found a good

22 January 2011:  Yes it has been that long since I actually did some work
on Fritz aside from replacing the in tank fuel pump.  The car has had
troubles starting and I thought that this may be the trouble.  Turns out that I
was wrong.  I did some more research and the symptoms pointed towards a
leaking fuel injector.  So on 21 January 2011 I put the extra injectors I have
into a mix of Sea Foam and Gasoline and let it soak over night.  When I came
back from Skiing, after I rested for a while I replaced the injectors.  They do
say that it is as "easy as replacing the spark plugs"!  This may be the case
but they most certainly don't mention that you have to remove all the other
stuff to get to the injectors.  After I had it all back together I started the car
right up, took a test drive,and it runs great.

12 February 2011:  We finally got so sick of smelling fuel every time when I
fueled up and decided to change the
fuel tank gaskets.  So I bought some
gaskets from Bab Geon and went to work.  When I took the cover plate off,
everything was dry but I remembered that I had not fueled up yet so I went to
work.  Now what looks relatively easy is sometimes the exact opposite. Two of
the nuts from the fuel sending unit did not want to come off.  After I made
sure they are made of aluminum I took a saw and cut them off.  Had all the
gaskets replaced and went for a test drive.  All is dry!!!  Went to sign up for
Lifetime Gym and once we got there I smelled fuel again!!!!  Arrrgh!!!
I switched back to the old fuel rail so I had to take it off and paid the price.  
While I had it all off I took the valve cover off and checked the
Banjo Bolts
are tight and looked over the rest of the engine.  After all was determined to
be well I put that all together.  
Looked under the hood and noticed that the leak is coming out of the Fuel
Pressure Regulator.  Apparently once installed the O-Ring likes to break
which does not really matter as long as you don't take it off again.  
Now I did not have another O-Ring at 5 P.M. on a Saturday afternoon so I
thought I try my luck and check with Advance Autoparts.  They did not have a
specific O-Ring but an assortment which I bought.  Took several trips and the
engine is still dry, no fuel leaks! Lets hope it stays that way!