Steinbauer Project!
The BMW 635 CSI
26 June 2010:  Heard a weird noise every time I approached the gate at Schriever AFB.  Upon
a closer check I discovered that one of the CV Boots was torn.  I ordered one at Autohaus
Arizona to support Arizona in their cause to enforce the immigration law and secure their
By the time I got the part, the other CV Boot broke so I wound up calling Bab Geon who always
claims to match any competitor's price.  Of course they have to add shipping to it and if it is still
lower they tell you they can match it but you will get it next week or so.  I call that blackmail but if
you need the part that day you have to give in I guess.
Here is the new CV boot.  In the back and on top you can see some
of the grease that was thrown up there.
Of course nothing ever goes smooth and this was the last bolt that
did not want to come out.  The Allan Wrench rounded the inside of
the bolt and that made it impossible to loosen it.  Wound up grinding
the one side so I could use a chisel and get it lose that way.
10 July 2010:  Another drive through the wonderful mountains of Colorado
07 August 2010:  Took the ultimate test and drove down to Tulsa, OK to pick up Mike's 633 (Pictures
and story).  Fritz had no Problems either trip.

14 August 2010:  Had another 6er drive with very little participation.  It was still nice to Drive out to
Monarch and see what the Ski Area looks like in the Summer.