Steinbauer Project!
The BMW 635 CSI
24 May 2008:  Here's Fritz without the carpet.  Even though I already laid the carpet in a while ago,
today I went final and actually clued the carpet in place.  It did not take a whole lot of clue and the
carpet, since it was already molded fit very nice.  Also, as you may notice there is no trim in there
either and it looks like a royal mess.
Here are the first steps in putting in the carpet
Would you know it?  Just as I thought I had the leak problem fixed, a hose gave up on me and Fritz ran
hot.  Not that Fritz severely overheated but he got quiet hot.  Made to a Gas Station and parked him.  
Had to go to a meeting and figured I can get water in once the engine cooled off (little did I know since I
have not had a chance to look at the hoses).  After the meeting I went and filled some water in the
overflow tank but had to stop since the water was right running through.  The
hose (1)  that broke right
at the end got a lot narrower after the break so it was impossible to do a quick fix.
Had no other choice but to leave Fritz at the Gas Station and come back later.  After I got the hose (and
coolant) out of "Victim" I went back to Fritz to implant the hose.  Filled it up with the coolant and water
and was eager to get it started.  That did not happen.  We drained the battery in the process and even
when Bob (my oldest) came with his VW Beetle and tried to pull start, that did not work either.  We
wound up towing (yes, the Beetle pulled the Shark all the way home).  As recommended by BMW, we did
not go faster than 20 MPH and not further than 30 Miles.
Fritz has been sitting in front of the house since, waiting for the weekend.  Good thing is that I found
Rick's No Start Shark Page and Big Coupe Links Page which also has a lot of valuable resources.  My
hope and suspicion is the ignition coil since Fritz was cutting out on higher RPMs.  We'll find out soon.
First order this morning was the ignition coil.  I took the ignition coil and battery out of "donor" and put it
into Fritz, turned the ignition key and as you may have guessed it; nothing happened.  Well, the engine
cranked but did not start.
Next in my line was the cable from the coil to the distributor which also did not yield any results.
I went back inside to read a little more on
Rick's No Start Shark Page and actually decided to give the
relays a try.  Good thing I did!  The first relay was the Fuel Pump Relay and sure enough, this was the
problem.  This truly amazed me since I could have sworn I heard the fuel pump humming when Mike (our
youngest son) turned the ignition on.  I also smelled fuel odor coming out of the exhaust pipe which also
led me to the believe that the fuel supply is not the problem.
I am glad I was wrong and even more glad that Fritz is running again.  Even better is the fact that there
are NO, andf I repeat NO more leaks!!!!!
Yes, I actually came very, very close today (06/01/08)in finishing the inside!  Even the radio is in!  The On
Board Computer (OBC) is set and we are ready to go.  There are a few minor things left such as the
speaker covers which are peeling off in the rear (and that is where they are a pain too!!!!).  I am going to
do some research this week and see what solution I can come up with.
17 June 2008 (Tag der Deutschen Einheit)  Nothing new on the speaker issue.  Above you can see that I
have prepared Fritz to get his nose job.  On Friday (20 June 2008) I will actually take him to Roy G
.  (719) 649-1630 since I can not weld the new nose on there due to the lack of
skill and equipment.  No, I am not crying in the first picture even though there were times when I felt like
it.  It is not a walk in the park to take those fenders off let me tell you!
Above you can see that Roy and Nolan did an outstanding job with the drilling out of the spot welds.  I
wish I could have done the same and made it easier for them.

Below is the finished Nose Job.  Roy and Nolan even went as far as adjusting the hood.  I wish I would
have installed the new hood and would have saved myself some time here.  Yes, I am going to replace
the hood on this one since the one that is on is all dented and bend out of shape.
June 28, 2008.  With the fenders back on and the hood so perfectly aligned (Thanks again Roy and
Nolan) it looks more and more like a BMW again.  I was actually able to straighten the front bumper out
and make that look more presentable!-
5 July 2008:  Finally changed the hood and the trunk and it sure looks good!  
Next will be the doors which ought to be fun...... at least I hope!
In the meantime, here is another attempt to glue the speaker cover in place.  This time I am using
paper clips instead of sand bags.  Maybe this will do?  I am going to keep this in place for another
couple of days just to be on the safe side.

Jul 14, 2008:  No, it did not keep it in place at all.  The Contact Cement from
DAP Weldwood is
useless and so are the people there! Not only did the speaker covers become unglued once they
got hot in the sun but so did my dash cap that I got on ebay for a good price.  I also contacted (no
pun intended) DAP Weldwood and told them about it and just as I expected they did not respond at
all.  Why would they?  They already got my money.

Jul 16, 2008:  Finally got sick and tired of the SI (Service Indicator) Light on the dash board and was
doing research to find that dumb tool which they sell for approximately $100 and all it actually takes
can be found

02 Aug 08:  Since I had a really bad shake/Shimmies when I started to break or went over 50 MPH.  I
actually wanted to take the rotors out and have them turned.  The shop mechanic showed me the
rotors and told me that they are so badly warped and by the time he would have that straightened out
the rotor would be gone.  Since I have a "Victim" (Parts car) in the Garage, I checked the rotors and
installed them at Fritz (The recipient).  Low and behold!  No more shaking when I break and no more
shimmies when I go over 50 MPH.  Of course from all that shaking going on the steering box weld
broke again and I have to try weld it again.  This time I am going to use a lift so I have better access to
the bracket (I hope).  I'll post some pictures and instructions on how to remove the rotors soon.

03 Aug 08:  Quick update on "Elise".  She is still broke since Rick hit a curb and got a real ugly hole in
the oil pan!  As soon as time permits Rick is going to fix the problem (we all hope)