Steinbauer Project!
The BMW 635 CSI
21 May 15:  (243,860) It has been a while since I worked on the car.  Summer wheels were installed on 1 May 16 (243,600) and I thought it was
time to upgrade the rear suspension.  I changed out the stabilizer links and bushings as well as the differential mount.  I have no idea how old
they were.  In the process I also realized that I have this vibration again and sure enough, it is time for the center support bearing again(!).  On
28 May 16 I plan on changing the transmission mounts as well since I am down there anyway.
24 June 2016:  Changed the center support bearing!  Odometer reading is 244,760 Miles

30 July 2016:  Noticed some vibration in the drive shaft and thought that the center support bearing already died on me.  Inspected the drive line and noticed
that one of the six bolts on the guibo was lose and one side of the bearing slipped back.  Tightened the bolts and redid the bearing.

Want to have a good workout?  Replace a lower control arm (11)!  Rick changed the last one out 2 years ago but the bushing was too old since I had those
control arms pretty much since I had the car.  There was just never the need to install them.
A undertaking like that is not that easy.  Had to take the brakes out and disconnect the strut.  My biggest fear did
not come true, I could easily undo the nut holding the control arm in place.  The problem came in when the nut was
off and the connector did not come out even with the separator.  To make that happen, I had to heat the
surrounding piece with a blow torch and still beat the daylights  out of the poor separator.  Took a lot longer than
expected.  The new control arm connected right away since the surrounding piece was still hot.  I held it in place and
could torque down the new nut without any problems at all.

Also cleared out the windshield washer jets and readjusted them.  Happy motoring for now!
28 August 2016:  Going to my sleep study, with a dark parking lot missed the dip and damaged the front spoiler.  Not the first and
certainly not the last time this happened so I thought it is not a big deal.  After I got out of the sleep study I noticed that the oil pressure
light was flickering on the way home and this was not the first time that a warning light came on,  Got home and parked the car in the
garage.  Later, when I came out I saw this:
As it turned out, the oil pan cracked.  For some time now I wanted to change out the sub frame and the
oil pan gasket.  An oil change was also due as "luck" would have it.  Timing was also alright since I was laid off after the contract with
CACI International ended and they down sized.  I had the time and got to endure the PITA this entails.  Below are some pictures from
the underside of the engine and the old sub frame which really needed to be replaced.  In the process I got some air into the power
steering circuit.  No idea how that happened since I did not open anything there.
19 November 2016:  Noticed that I had to pay the price when you switch out the cross member.  The alignment went way off and I shredded the tread off the
tires.  Good thing that I put my winter wheels on now. The windshield washers needed attention as well since the wipers only worked on fast.  Swapped the relay
out and all is fine now.  Changed wheels as well at 247,000.

19 February 2017:  Nothing major, just an oil and filter change at odometer reading 250,000 miles.

18 March 2017:  Been noticing spots in the drive way and thought that someone's car is leaking until I found out that my power steering hose was leaking.
Looks like a simple task.  Unscrew it from the pressure regulator and the other end from the pump.  Not so fast!  You have to take the overflow reservoir off and
take the alternator out.  Granted, maybe I could have taken the power steering pump off but I thought that it may be harder to unscrew the hose from the pump
if it is not mounted.  Now taken the hose off the regulator is not that hard but getting it back on is!  Took me a lot longer than expected since I never graduated
from Basket Weaving 101.  Finally got it all back together and investigated a possible fuel leak between the pump and the filter.  Replaced the hose there and
hope that was the problem.  While under there I noticed that the CV Boot is cracked!  After looking around, turns out that this explains my puff of smoke that
came out on and off.  Not so much in the winter time because the grease is cold.  When the weather is warmer, the grease is more likely to drop on the hot
exhaust. There goes the theory with the smoke,  Certainly does not seem to come from the engine since, in order to avoit a puff of smoke I pressed on the gas
pedal before taking off but there was no smoke.  CV Boot is on order and will be fixed soon.

8 April 2017:  After we had a few nasty weekends I finally got to swap out the output shaft,  It is always nice when you have an extra one where you can do the
CV boot replacement ahead of time and just swap them out later.  There were actually no complications and I was done in no time.  When I took the Allen head
bolts off I put them into a cleaning solution to get rid of all the grease.

18 April 2017:  Changed from Winter to Summer wheels.  Odometer reading  252 400

12 Aug 17:  Oil and filter change at 256,374 miles

30 Sep 17:  It has been very foggy a few morning in a row so I decided to mount the front spoiler with the fog lights even though the entire thing was not ready
to be mounted.  It needed more sanding but that can wait til next year spring,  

3 Nov 17:  Changed from summmer to winter tires at 259,078

23 Nov 17:  New aproach to dash board repair/restaurantion.