The Steinbauer BMWs:
Rainer's BMW 635 CSi (Fritz)
May 2008: Imagine my delight when I found a BMW 635 CSi on Craigslist (Denver) for $700.00!!!  I
contacted the seller and it turned out to be an active service member who had in mind to restore that
one but needed the space since he lived on base where you can only have 2 cars.  He was a
motivated seller and I was a motivated buyer.  When he saw that we had Christianity in common as
well as the fact that we both serve our country he gave me a good price break.  Thanks Jimmy!  Not
only for giving me the break but also for serving our country as well!
Here are some pictures of "Fritz" since the body of this car is way to good in shape to just part it out.  
In case you have not noticed by now, I am the victim of the passion for the BMW 635 CSi
When I took a test drive in Fritz I noticed that Fritz did not handle well and we had the 50 mph shimmy
and also the brake shimmy.  Jimmy explained that the right control thrust assembly needs to be
replaced and that made sense to me.  When I got Fritz home, what a ride from Denver to Colorado
Springs this was!  Every now and then it felt like someone is grabbing the car and tries to lift it off
I-25.  When I got home I noticed that it was actually the power steering box that had a broken weld.  
Once a family Friend welded that one back in place it went a lot smoother!  Then I also discovered
that one of the tie rod ends was busted.  Fixed that one but it still shimmies when I hit the brakes so I
guess we will take on the upper control arms next.
Another problem that Fritz had was a serious leak from the power steering pump and the thought that
it is just the gasket was the hope.
The need fora parts car became imminent!  The search on
Craigslist began and I did not have any
luck here in Colorado Springs.  Next best thing was to check
Craigslist in Denver where I found this
BMW 635 CSi.  Once you looked at this one, you will also think that this one should not be a victim at
all.  In either event, that car had two strikes against it.  One was, it was an automatic and the second
one was the transmission was out.  We went up to Golden, Colorado and had the car towed to the
nearest transmission place where they diagnosed the problem.  The "best case scenario" to fix the
problem was just about the purchase price.  Knowing my luck, the best case scenario would not
happen.  That was the end of this car ever becoming "Hans".  We towed "Donor" home and he sits in
the Garage now eager to supply the parts we need for Fritz.

As I mentioned before, Fritz had a severe leak near the power steering pump and the seller
suggested that Fritz needs a new gasket there.  I actually went to the "Stealership" and paid $0.40 for
a gasket.  The same day I came home I eagerly installed the gasket and still had a leak.  The next
best conclusion was that the power steering pump is the one actually leaking.  I removed the
alternator to gain better access, visually and practically to the power steering pump.  I went over to
"Donor" and removed the alternator and the power steering pump from there and installed the pump
in Fritz.  Not having an alternator is no problem as long as you just want to see if there is a leak.  If I
actually have less hair on my head than I had before, you can actually blame the leak that was still
there.  The last conclusion in the power steering affair was the power steering line which really is a
pain in the neck to remove since the entire line with the exception of a short end piece is a solid line.  
Really felt like a basket weaver and if I would have had a
rubicube that would have been done a lot
faster.  Finally, the leak stopped but Fritz started to leak coolant now.  
This Saturday (May 24, 2008) I did not tackle the problem but worked on the inside.
02 November 1984:  A Bronzit Beige BMW 635 CSi rolls of the assembly line in Bavaria, Germany
and gets shipped to the USA.

13 February 1985:  This car is sold at the Zipper BMW Dealership at 8825 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly
Hills, CA 90211.

A lot of things happened in between until May 2008.
2007: This was the year when I first got introduced to BMW.   Rick's car "Ursula"